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Tincknell Country Stores - Lottie Dolls

Be Bold, Be Brave, BE YOU!

Welcome to the world of Lottie! Lottie aims to encourage children to embrace their individuality, enjoy their childhood and embark on fantastic adventures!

Unlike other big brand dolls, Lottie is based on characters that are nine years of age and are relatable, age-appropriate and fun dolls. Many of the dolls and accessories have been inspired by real children.

Lottie Dolls have been created to be positive role models for children, helping to encourage imaginative play, inspire learning and fun. Lottie also offers great value to parents.

There are many different dolls in the Lottie collection, with many having great country themed names, including Forest Friend Lottie, who loves to read enchanting stories about magical fairies that live deep in the woods and forests, Pony Club Lottie, complete with Seren the Welsh Mountain Pony, Spring Celebration Ballet Lottie and so many more. There are also lots of accessories and outfits available, such as Biscuit the Beagle and the beautiful Flower Power green and white spotted dress.

Did you know that there is a very special Lottie in the collection called Stargazer? Not only does she have her very own telescope to look at all of the stars and planets in the solar system, she was also the FIRST EVER DOLL TO VISIT SPACE! Stargazer Lottie spent 6 months on board the International Space Station with British Astronaut Tim Peake. How cool is that?

Tincknell Country Stores - Brio Wooden Railway Toys

Do your children dream of becoming a train driver?

Here at Tincknell Country Stores we stock the ever so popular BRIO wooden railway toys. We have everything you need to create the ultimate railway, from playsets to accessories, trains to rolling stock, tunnels to track. We even stock the Brio Pre-School range, which include beautiful wooden toys suitable for birth upwards.

There is a Brio wooden railway set suitable for all ages, starting with the My First Railway range, which is designed especially for the way toddlers play. Each wagon has its own shape, with happy colours and funny functions. This range is sure to engage with your child’s curiosity and imagination. Then there is the awesome Brio World range, suitable for ages three years upwards. With Brio World, children can let their creativity and imagination run free, pretending to be whatever they want to be. Our favourite playset is the NEW Rescue Emergency Set, complete with light and sound rescue train, firetruck, garage, bridge and mountains and so much more.

Brio has been sparking young minds since 1884. With clean and simple designs, Brio products encourage and open up a whole universe of fun, where the limitations are only your Childs imaginations.

Tincknell Country Stores - Looking to Buy a Toy Tractor?

Spring might seem a distant dream but, in fact, it’s less than a month away, officially beginning on the 20th March in the UK

If you want to give your child an Easter treat, how about a toy tractor instead of an Easter Egg?

When spring arrives, there’s no better place to be than on a farm, where the flowers are appearing, lambs are being born and there’s chicks as yellow as the daffodils. It’s also often the time when farms become more active and tractors are ploughing the fields.

At Tincknell Country Stores, we have both toy tractors and model tractors that are perfect for collectors young and adult, including die-cast model tractors in 1:32 and 1:16 Scale, from brands such as Siku and Universal Hobbies.

We also have toy tractor activity books from Tractor Ted - a character who can help kids learn about farming, where food comes from, and much more.

Tincknell Country Stores also have a huge range of other farm toys, including a massive collection of tractors and trailers, farm buildings and accessories- everything needed to create a fantasy farm. All our farm toys come from top brands such as Brushwood and Siku and Britains just to name a few.

Tincknell Country Stores - Entertaining Crafts for Kids

Want to encourage your child’s creativity to blossom?

Tincknell Country Stores have many craft toys to keep children busy during the rainy days of spring. Our craft toys will encourage children to get away from the TV screen, and have them painting, colouring and drawing instead.

Many of them make the ideal Easter treat to keep kids going until the summer holidays.

If you have kids that love insects, we have toys like our Anthill to keep them entertained. Ants are fascinating creatures and children love watching them, whether they’re carrying grains of sand or transporting leaves. Ants are long-living pets- they can live for up to 30 years! They’re also extremely easy to find them in the garden.

This ant hill has a cut-away design, so you can have unique perspective on ants’ lives. Safe and escape proof, it is a wonderful place to collect these insects. It includes easy to dig sand and instructions for keeping ants.

Among our craft toys, you’ll also find colouring books, crayons, butterfly stickers, and much more, including popular toys from Orchard toys.

Explore our activity and craft toys for kids today.

Tincknell Country Stores - Rolly Ride-on Tractors

Old McDonald had a farm, and on that farm he had a Rolly Tractor...

Are you looking for ride-on tractors from Rolly?

Rolly produce some of the best farm toys on the market, and you can buy many of their pieces at Tincknell Country Stores. Their products include ride-on tractors so that children can have plenty of fun outside.

We provide everything needed to create the ultimate toy farm: from farm vehicles to barns and animals. Whether you live on a farm or have a child that loves animals, our tractors are a fantastic introduction to the world of farming toys.

Our Rolly farm toys make an excellent treat for any young farmer this Easter. On our online shop and in store you’ll find trailers, ride-on tractors and much more. Among our collection is the FarmTrac Deutz-Fahr which is a pedal tractor suitable for children aged from 3 to 9. It has an adjustable seat and a bonnet that opens, along with whisper wheels and sturdy steering. Many functional accessories can be added to this product.

Most of our products are available for home delivery.

View our range of Rolly ride-on tractors today.

Tincknell Country Stores - Looking to Buy Farm Toys Online?

It’s now half-term, which is the relief of teachers everywhere, but often the exact opposite for many parents! How can we entertain kids when it’s cold outside, and there’s not much going on to keep them busy?

At Tincknell Country Stores we have everything needed to keep kids busy indoors.

Our farm toys are the perfect way to encourage imaginable play, and bring a child’s dream farm to life.

We have hundreds of quality farm toys from top brands like Bruder, Britains and Siku, including toy tractors, all of which can be ordered online. Our selection means your child can have a complete toy farm, with everything from haybales and milking parlours to stone walls and big bale sheds.

We have many half-term deals so you can save money on top branded toys online.

Among our big basics is this Big Bale Shed which keeps over 100 bales of hay safe from the elements. Fun and creative, children will love arranging and re-arranging its open bay areas.

Another one of our Brushwood toys is this Big Basics Dairy Unit which provides everything a child needs to get their dairy business started!

Our farm toys can be bought online or in store.

Tincknell Country Stores - Looking for Horse and Pony Toys?

Does your little girl have a love of horses and ponies?

Associated with fairy tales and pumpkin coaches, ponies appeal to children’s imaginations more than any other animal. This might be because of their similarity to mystical animals, like unicorns, or because they feature in so many children’s stories. Or simply because horses are highly enchanting animals.

If you’re looking to purchase farm toys, Tincknell Country Stores have a menagerie of animals to populate any toy farm.

Our toys include many horse and pony products.

We have many equestrian toys, including this Andalusia Horse Care Set, which is perfect for children 3 years and up. Beautifully hand-painted, Schleich toys are wonderfully accurate models of all sorts of animals.

Our horse toys also include this Decorate your Horse Kit, which includes a classic-scale horse, pink metallic marker and 50 gem stickers, with assorted stars, butterflies, hearts, dots and flowers. This will keep any child busy during a rainy day.

Breyer models are beautifully sculptured by leading equine artists that are then cast into copper and steel moulds.

We also have horse themed stationary, for those children who are passionate about these beautiful animals.

Tincknell Country Stores - Looking for Children's Games and Puzzles Online?

What’s the perfect way to entertain children on a rainy day?

With the mud and rain preventing them from playing outdoors, too many children end up slumped in front of the television in February. If you want to get them motivated and using their brain, Tincknell Country Stores have a huge range of children’s puzzles, which can be bought online.

Among our range of children’s puzzles is a huge selection of Orchard toys, which we’re a huge fan of (and we think you will be too!).

Found among our selection is the Counting Caterpillars Game, which is a fun matching colours game to help teach number sequencing. This is the perfect puzzle for smaller children aged 3 years+.

Puzzles perfect for small children.

If you’re after classic puzzles, this Fairy Cottage Puzzle could be perfect. With only 15 pieces, it’s ideal for little girls and includes an activity guide and two play-pieces/coasters.

Another brilliant puzzle is our Britain and Ireland Puzzle which will help children discover the country they live in. It includes a giant poster and a beautifully illustrated puzzle.

Browse our range of puzzles online.

Tincknell Country Stores - Looking for Go Karts for Children?

With digital technology everywhere, it’s more important than ever to get children active and enjoying life outdoors.

If you’re looking for a sure-fire way to get children outside, our go-karts will do the trick!

Our go-karts for children will have them zooming around and learning to pedal backwards and forwards.

Among our range of go-karts for children is this BERG Buzzy Racing Go-Kart. This product will provide years of fun for generations of children. Since they have EVA tyres, these go-karts will never need their tyres changed.

We also have this BERG Extra Sport BFR which is sold for a highly competitive price. Kids can drive at a good speed and be safe thanks to its extremely smooth wheels.

All our go-karts are delivered straight from BERG in Holland. This company manufacture not only go-karts but trampolines, tricycles and their accessories. They have more than 30 years of experience in developing, producing and selling active outdoor toys. Their name is synonymous with quality, so why you buy a go-kart from Tincknell, it’s guaranteed to be top-notch.

Browse our range of go karts for children.

Tincknell Country Stores – Looking to Purchase Toy Lorries Online?

Do you have a child that has a birthday coming up?

It’s not easy being born at the beginning of the year: people are so tired after Christmas, they lack enthusiasm for buying presents.

Luckily, Tincknell Country Stores currently have a January sale on a massive range of toys, including our lorries and construction toys.

Boys especially love playing with toy lorries, or like the idea of operating a digger. Here at Tincknell Country Stores, we can help them bring those fantasies to life, with our toy cement mixers, lorries, dumper trucks, diggers, bulldozers, excavators and fire engines.

Whatever type of vehicles floats your child’s boat, you’ll find them among our range of toys, which come from top brands like Bruder, JCB, Siku and Britain’s Big Works.

Currently in our toy sale is this CAT Compact Loader Toy, which is reduced in price. This model-sized toy vehicle is highly realistic: it even has a wheel loader with a fully functioning loading arm and detachable front buckets. Made in Germany, it will provide endless hours of fun and imaginative play.

We also have a wide range of accessories and figures to keep them busy this winter.

Explore our range of toy lorries today.

Tincknell Country Stores – Activity and Craft Toys for Kids

Is your child disappointed that Christmas is now over? Are they sad about you dismantling the Christmas tree and taking down the lights?

January is often described as ‘the Monday of months’, which is particularly the case for kids. They have a month twinkling with fairy lights and glitter, and plenty of gifts. Then suddenly it’s all over for another year.

If you want to keep them busy during those nippy days, when it’s too cold for the local park, why not consider our crafts toys?

Craft toys are a brilliant way to lure children away from what Roald Dahl called ‘chewing gum for the brain’: the devise otherwise known as television. Unfortunately, since Dahl’s death, there’s been more technology than ever to stifle children’s creativity.

Craft toys are not only fun and creative but collaborative and something you can do together.

Our crafts for kids include painting your own Breyer horse, Build and Drive Tractor, Hama beads and My Living World Kits.

My Living World Kits are an excellent way to get children interested in the natural world. Among our range of crafts is this Bug Safari that provides hours of fun.

View our range of crafts for kids today.

Tincknell Country Stores - Toys to keep Children Entertained this Winter

Sparkling frost in the mornings, bright yellow sunsets in the evening- the countryside can be very beautiful in winter.

If you want to keep your children busy during the colder months, why not check out our range of toys?

Inspired by the countryside, our products are perfect for kids who love horses, farms, tractors and animals in general.

Toys are an important part of stimulating a child’s imagination, particularly when it’s too cold to play outdoors. In January and February, many children end up watching too much television; well-designed toys are excellent way to draw them away from screens.

Amazing discounts on top branded toys.

We have a new year sale on hundreds of toys, including farm and country toys for children of all ages. Tincknell have everything from soft toys that will keep children snuggly in bed, to beautiful wooden toys like this Biscuit and Plate Set.

Our toys include the ever-popular Sylvanian families, including toy sets and a menagerie of characters. Children will love creating their own stories this winter.

We have free delivery on all orders over £50.

Check out our range of farm and country toys today.

Tincknell Country Stores – Looking for the Best Horse Toys Online?

Have you got a birthday coming up in January? Does your child adore horses and you want to buy them a unique toy?

If you’re looking online, Tincknell Country Stores specialise in farmyard related toys. Imaginative play is extremely important for young children, particularly in today’s digital world, and toy animals are fantastic way to pique their imagination.

Horses are one of the most popular animals with children.

‘Run like the wind, Bullseye!’ Woody yells in Toy Story as he rides a toy horse after an aeroplane. Children tend to love horses because they are romantic, exciting and powerful animals, which often feature in fairy stories and classic children’s tales, like Black Beauty, War Horse and My Friend Flicka.

Because they feature heavily in history and period dramas, horses are fun to use when bring historical fantasies to life.

At Tincknell Country Stores, you can buy everything from Sylvania Families rocking horses to this Big Horse Show toy from Schleich. If your child loves the idea of competing in horse riding competitions, this horse toy could be for them.

We also have this Breyer horse toy, which is a limited-edition model of this Appendix Quarter Horse.

Why not check out our range of horse toys online?

Tincknell Country Stores – Looking for Farm Toys for Children Online?

There’s something magical about farms for children; from the moment they can sing ‘Old Macdonald has a farm’ to when they read stories like Charlotte’s Web, children usually find farms enchanting.

Here at Tincknell Country Stores, we have plenty of farm toys that can be bought online, among our huge range of country-themed products.

Our range of farm toys includes those from brands like Britains, Bruder, Siku and Brushwood toys. Whether you’re after four block hay bales, toy cattle or storage sheds, Tincknell Country Stores can complete your toy farm, from the milking parlour to the bale shed.

Why our farm toys you can create the ultimate carpet farm.

We have everything from bags of maize to all the buildings you need to imitate a real farm. Our range include pre-school tractors and radio controlled tractors, to really bring a child’s fantasy to life. And that includes the animals!

Among our collection of farm toys is this Britains Case IH 340 Magnum Tractor. This authentic 1:32 scale model is a wonderful Christmas present for children aged 3 years +.

Britains are one of the most popular makers of toy tractors, trailers, farm machinery, animals and buildings.

Browse our range of farm toys online.

Tincknell Country Stores – Looking for Craft Toys Online?

Tis the season to get stressed about buying Christmas presents, but worry not- if you’re shopping online, Tincknell Country Stores have some amazing deals.

If you have a creative child on your hands, how about giving our craft toys?

Craft toys are the perfect way to keep children entertained during those grey January days that follow. Activity toys are also a fantastic way to lure kids away from screens and get them active.

From colouring books to 3D paint by numbers, Tincknell have plenty of toys that will get children using their hands. Our range of craft toys sold online include Build and Drive Tractor, Hama Beads and My Living World kits.

Get colourful with this Breyer craft kit.

If you have a child that loves horses, then our Colourful Breeds Paint Set will provide hours of entertainment. Featuring five popular breeds of horses, this set is based-coated and ready to paint. It also has a sheet of pop-out accessories which can be painted, to create fun scenes with the horses.

Discover what’s lurking in the undergrowth…

Or, if your child loves creepy crawlies, they’ll love this Bug Safari. It provides a wonderful incentive to get outside, with the aim to catch, study and identify bugs.

Why not browse our Activity & Craft Toys today?