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Rug Wash & Repairs

We all know how muddy our horses and ponies get in the winter and how they like to have a good rub on the sharpest bit of fence they can find.

So whether you are looking to wash and mend your rugs for the summer or a quick repair to keep them dry in the winter. We offer a service to help you.

All you need to do is drop your rug into us and we will have it washed and repaired for you. They will come back neatly folded and individually bagged, perfect if you want to store them tidily for the summer.

After washing and repairing your turnout rug it is essential to reproof the rug to keep it waterproof against all the elements.

Our full range of rug services are carried out by our local partner whom we have a longstanding relationship with and can trust to provide a high quality and speedy service whilst still being reasonably priced.

Collections from our Wells store are made every Tuesday.

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