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Welcome to our TALA Cookshop. Tala, originating from Taylor and Law, has been associated with baking and icing for over 100 years - since 1899.

Traditional methods are still used today to manufacture most of their products. This involves production by hand, by a small team of skilled people behind the high quality of each product.

A priority of Tala has always been to create products that are built to last. Take an icing nozzle manufactured in the 1920’s, and it will still fit an icing syringe made today.

It is because of this great quality that we, at Tincknell Country Stores, decided to stock this fab range in our cookshop.

We stock everything you could possibly need to bake and decorate great cakes and biscuits. From Muffin Tins to icing syringes, springforms to cooks measures, mixing bowls to pastry cutters. We even stock cake tins to store your creations in. You’ll be suprised with what we sell.

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